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If you don't get a handle on your business processes things are going to get out of hand, which CAN AND WILL negatively impact your business.

This On-demand Masterclass is an intensive course (originally 5 weeks long) that will guide you step-by-step to identify and address the process and business leaks you have in your business.  Here is what we will do in the course:

  • Pre-Work: Business Leak Discovery and Analysis - Conduct an analytical review of your current processes. 
  • Week 1: Discovery and Analysis: Teach you about common business leaks and how to conduct your own discovery and analysis to identify yours.
  • Week 2: Current Process Review: Teach you how to conduct a gap analysis on your current intake processes and developing a plan of action to resolve and monitor them going forward. 
  • Week 3: Customer Focused Leaks - Teach you how to identify and address common customer-focused leaks
  • Week 4: Branding Leaks - Teach you about the most common branding leaks and how to resolve them. 
  • Week 5: Website Focused Leaks - Determine the best path for you related to having or not having a website and identifying common website-focused leaks.

This Masterclass Includes

  • Over 30 in-depth lessons to help guide you through various business and process leaks

  • Access to a number of templates, worksheets and other resources you may need

  • Discounted BPL Coaching Club Access, 1:1 Session(s) and Accountability rates

  • Discussion area support from Dana LaRieal Morales

  • A number of other bonus items

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What Is Being Said?

“I have learned that I need to put better systems in place. I have gained greater clarity about why I started my business and what type of business that I am creating. I have learned that I do a lot of things on the fly and don't have a true system.”

Lacrecia D. (After Module 1)Lacrecia D. (After Module 1)