Member Resources

  • Keto Mindset

    One of the most important parts of starting any new endeavor is ensuring your mind is in the right place. We address the common problems that Club Keto members face and how to combat them.

  • Club's Video Classroom

    Video recordings of live classroom session with Club Keto members answering questions and providing additional guidance and information regarding your journey.

  • Keto Basics

    All the information you need to start and navigate your ketogenic lifestyle.

  • Keto Recipes

    A number of tried and true keto friendly recipes that are delicious.

  • Keto Tools and Resources

    A number of keto tools and resources that you will find helpful during your journey.

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“The Cheesecake Recipe is wonderful. Many people think that they cannot have "sweets" when they are following a Keto plan, but it is not true. I have tried many of the recipes that Dana has posted - especially the Cheesecake and it is fabulous! Thanks so much for the great recipes!”

R. DunawayR. Dunaway