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taught by Dana LaRieal Morales, PMP

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This Resource Library is an online repository of information from various resources for your Productivity, Organization and Development needs. We are regularly updating this information as we receive feedback and contributions from the THB community. Please let us know if there are specific resources in your area that could be added or should be removed from this guide.

Dana LaRieal Morales, PMP
Dana LaRieal Morales, PMP
Project Management and Process Improvement Queen

For over 15 years, I have been evaluating processes and implementing techniques and solutions that help to improve productivity. I understand as a business owner that you are great at your craft, but you may not specialize in the processes required to run your business. That is where I can lend my many years of project management and process improvement experience.

I'm a great listener and love to help people, so let me show you how to organize, plug those process leaks and increase your productivity and profits.